November 2016

After celebrating our 68th wedding anniversary on July 17 Charlie was admitted to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor where he was to have a procedure to promote the healing of a pressure sore on his toe. We waited anxiously after they took him into surgery, which we were told could take a couple of hours. It was only about an hour later the surgeon came out to deliver the devastating news.

He said it was serious, and the infection had spread, but we weren’t ready for the final words of the doctor. My husband who had suffered several strokes and had been bound to a wheelchair since 2008 was being taken from me because of what most people would consider a minor injury. But because he had other health issues, diabetes and a couple of recent heart attacks, the risks were much greater.

Charlie was admitted to Franciscan Hospice House in Tacoma the same day. He passed on August 10, 2016, peacefully and painlessly.

As some of you know if you have lost a loved one, I am going through some changes in my life. Those of you who know me best understand that I will get through this although how long it will take I don’t know. I am getting excellent care, emotionally and spiritually and our beloved children are close by.

Meanwhile, life goes on. The holiday season approaches with new meaning for me. I don’t need to point out to readers the importance of keeping loved ones close to you and to letting them know as often as you can that your love for them is paramount. Happy Holidays to all of you.



One thought on “November 2016

  1. Very expressful words on what you and Rook been through. You as well as Rook have been such an asset to my life. Besides being a special Aunt , you have been a friend. Bless you and Peace be with you always. Love always.

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