Dorothy Schaeffer Williams: A Star is Born!

If you didn’t watch America’s Talent this week you missed a good one! The star of the evening, a woman named Dorothy Williams, age 90, from Hilo, Hawaii, who did a striptease in her audition, is the daughter of a woman who was one of my mother’s best friends in Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s.

She is related to the family my aunt Emma Durand married into in Chicago. My cousin, Father Don Durand, Emma’s son, was the one who told me to be sure and watch. He just found out about the striptease Dorothy performed for her audition. He said, “Oh, no! And I told so many people to watch!”

Father Don doesn’t have a TV so will see his Aunt Dorothy’s audition for the first time at a family reunion this weekend. I don’t believe she embarrassed the family. I think she gave all of us a sorely needed kick in the kielbasa!

Go Dorothy!


One thought on “Dorothy Schaeffer Williams: A Star is Born!

  1. I did see “Miss Dorothy” when auditioning. What a kick! Simon was a fan of hers. A little humor never hurt anyone. 😀

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