Happy Easter

The “Stafford Wives Club” at the health care facility on Pottery in Port Orchard, continues to flourish with Kris, our fearless leader, urging us into interesting diversions.

Five of us including Bev, our widowed member, went to lunch on the Tacoma Waterfront recently and enjoyed a pleasant get together over taco salads and beef dip sandwiches.

We learn a lot from each other when we feel relaxed enough to talk about our daily lives. Valuable insight with just casual conversation is worth the effort. These get-togethers relieve us of stress that naturally builds up over the days and weeks visiting our loved ones.

We do what we can to fill in the gaps between nursing home caregivers and nurses. A good relationship with the professional staff at the facility is vital. Many of them have becomes friends as well.

It isn’t easy for the guys to be confined, away from their garages, boats and beloved trucks and gadgets, and of course family and friends. We do what we can to fill in the gaps and smooth out the rough edges where and when needed. It sometimes really does take a village. That’s when some of us call in the “Big Guns” (family members) to assist.

Meanwhile our little group has each other to carry on and bolster each other’s spirits. It helps to have a shoulder to lean on when our own shoulders become weak with heavy burdens we feel we can no longer carry by ourselves.


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