Albin’s Letters

Albin's Letters, published September 2013...

Now available on and Kindle Books!

Albin and Hilda had a problem—Hilda’s domineering older brother and guardian opposed their marriage.

So they made a plan: Albin would book passage to America, leaving his love, his passion, his dear Hilda behind in 1901 Finland. He would find work and send for her as soon as he had made enough money for them to marry and settle down. As Albin experienced hardships and adventures in the new world, he wrote to his love often.

Little did he know that his letters mysteriously disappeared and had not found their way to Hilda back in Finland.

How can Hilda know that Albin has not given up on her? Why doesn’t he write as he promised he would? Their happiness and future depend on one thing: Would Albin’s letters reach her in time to tell her the truth? As Hilda is about to give up and move on with her life, events transpire that will change their fate, and their lives forever.


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